Friday, March 21, 2008


Theres this weird ass Aussie that I knew during ICPU that has been weird all my life (Alina) . There I was minding my own business and suddenly...!

I thought what the hell, her name was Alina not Allison so I decided to ask :

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
since when ur name change

allison says:
actually ah, my name was always allison but when i went malaysia my mum changed it to alina

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
screw u!

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:

allison says:

allison says:
why is your name jan yong and not CHEE yong???? HUH??

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
actually ah, my name was chee yong but when i came to malaysia which is where i came from my dad changed it on jan yong

allison says:
screw u!

allison says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
whats with the allison la?

allison says:
i dunno

allison says:
its sexier

allison says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:

allison says:
no lah, some guy over here got my name wrong the first time

allison says:
he thought i was allison

allison says:
then all the other guys started calling me allison

allison says:
thennnn i kinda liked it

allison says:

allison says:
went to church and asked the pastor & everything

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
so if i called you ali baba

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
and everyone started calling u the same

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
you would like it?

allison says:

allison says:
but i like allison

allison says:
sexier than alina!!

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "ken leeeeee tilubu dibu douchoo" says:
thats like a pornstar's name wei!

allison says:

End of retardism.

Peace out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What is AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a collection of symptoms and progressive damage done to the immune system caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) .

The immune system is formed by white blood cells, known as leukocytes that defends our body against bacteria, diseases and foreign materials we come in contact everyday. To put it in simple terms, our body is like a country whereas white blood cells are our military force which defenses the country whenever called for.

What AIDS does mainly is that it slowly or progressively damages the immune system. Eventually the immune system would be too weak to defend the body against any infection or bacteria that invades our system.

Without our defense system, our body is vulnerable to anything, even a common cold could bring death upon the victim. HIV can only be spread through blood transfusion and bodily fluid exchange. The virus is weak outside the body but strong when it's inside. To sum it up, it is difficult for the virus to spread in midair through our respiratory system.

However, there are claims where the virus wouldn't be able to spread through infected saliva of the victim. What if there are two individuals where one of them is infected with AIDS and the other is not but has sore throat, performs osculation (scientific term for kiss)? Having sore throat means that there is an open wound, wouldn't that be an opportunity for the virus to spread?

Furthermore, this virus has no cure at the moment, even in our modern society where science is very advanced, contracting AIDS would only have one outcome that is death.


HIV is most likely originated from chimpanzees in the southeastern rain forests of Cameroon. During that era, needles were the most common way of how did the virus made a jump from animals to humankind. There are plenty of other causes which includes open wounds which enabled the virus to enter the human body and also sodomization between animals and men.

In 1983, CDC (USA) warns the blood bank of the possibility of "unclean" blood supplies. However, the term AIDS was not used yet as it was not fully clarified yet. Through unscreened blood transfusion, the virus was able to freely spread from one individual to another.

There are a few claims where the CIA was responsible for AIDS. There are debates going on that the CIA sponsored a group of scientists to create the deadliest biological weapon ever known to mankind. They began testing on populations from Africa and also Haiti. They lost control of the experiment and the virus eventually infected most of the population in those countries.

Rumors include claims that the virus were also created in Hitler's laboratories and were developed by the Russians.


There is currently no cure for AIDS. It kills like a slow poison from the day the body contracted the virus.

However, in Chicago, Thomson Financial found a potential breakthrough for AIDS. It was not a cure but instead a method to slow down the progression of AIDS. It wasn't much progression but considering this breakthrough, this might be a baby step for mankind to overcome this deadly virus.

The problem with finding a cure is that the virus has the ability to mutate so that the immune system doesn't recognize it as an enemy. The virus is able to mask itself making the immune system to think that it is not a foe.


More than 25 million people have died from AIDS since 1981.

Africa alone has 12 million AIDS orphans.

At the end of 2007, women accounted for 50% of all adults living with HIV worldwide, and for 61% in sub-Saharan Africa.

Young people (under 25 years old) account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide.

In developing and transitional countries, 7.1 million people are in immediate need of life-saving AIDS drugs; of these, only 2.015 million (28%) are receiving the drugs.

Referrals :
AIDS as a biological weapon
Origins of AIDS
How AIDS spreads
Potential cure for AIDS

Feel free to leave your comments.

Sad out =(

Friday, March 14, 2008

More obscenities!

Things not to say during sex

  • Get off me, I'll do it myself!
  • Smile for the camera!
  • Do I have to pay for this?
  • What's your name again?
  • I'm sobering up and you're getting ugly!
  • No! You're too fat to be on top. You'd kill me!
  • On second thought, let's turn the lights off.
  • It's nice being in bed with someone I don't have to inflate.

Now, let's learn a little bit of psychology....

Why do males....

Struggle so hard to come out from their mom's vagina...

Just to spend their entire lifetime getting back in?

Who needs an automobile manufacturing factory when cars can do THIS?!

This girl here is definitely the bomb but she drives a hard bargain. What can she offer you? 4 boobs, and 2 mouth holes in exchange for no vagina nor ass for you.....damn.

Sucks to be that kid.

Retarded cartoons.



Rotate the lever!

Ohhhh... kinky!

Whats love? I don't know, all I know is;

It's made out of 2 consonants ...
And 2 vowels ...
And 2 fools.

So how does one solve a love triangle?!

Easy, there are plenty of ways to solve this problem.

Recruit a fourth person, make it a square and divide it into half.


Take yourself out of the equation.


Solve the problem with a gun.




All sides are equal.

By all means it makes no sense.

Peace out! =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ooi Chi Khan

Congratulations Mr. Ooi.

My company has chosen Ooi Chi Khan to model for our new teeth whitening product. There were hundreds of different candidates who applied to be part of our advertisement but none of them were as persistent as Chi Khan and so my company decided that he would be the chosen one.

"I've been smoking for so many years that I began to notice that cigarettes has taken it's toll on my teeth" - Chi Khan

The nicotine and tar stain on Chi Khan's teeth were a challenge to remove but with our company's newest product, nothing stand in it's way, nothing.

Remarkably Chi Khan was able to relive his white days before he started smoking.

Another satisfied customer.

What was my company's name again? I don't think I remember.

Peace out! =P

Bodybuilding - Supplement Facts

Supplements are crucial if you're into gaining mass and strength.

No, when I say supplements that could lead to more mass and strength gains it doesn't mean that I'm talking about steroids. Don't take the easy way out, your balls will suffer.

Creatine Monohydrate

Supplements are mostly naturally occurring chemicals that are harmless to the body. Creatine is a popular supplement for those who want to lift harder and heavier. You don't really need to buy the supplement because it can be found in red meat - beef.

So we can find it in red meat, why do I need the supplement anyway? Because the amount of creatine contained in the meat that you eat is too little. Half a pound of raw meat contains about 1g of creatine but from supplement you get at least 20g per serving. Unless you want to consume 16-18 steaks a day to get the same amount of creatine, get the damn supplement you idiot!

The only side effect you get from taking this supplement is that you can lift heavier and harder.

Protein powder

I guess no one's a stranger to protein. Definitely crucial to your workouts, but how? Muscle tears down (microscopic breakdowns) whenever you lift weights and eventually you will feel that soreness because of your damaged muscles. Protein repairs damaged muscle tissues and reinforces it so that the next time your muscles take the same shock, it'll be able to withstand it in other words - grow stronger.

Why take the supplement? You can't get enough protein from your daily meals. How much protein you need when you're working out? Typically 1 - 1.2 gram of protein per kilogram of your bodyweight would be ideal. Protein helps increase the rate of repair for your muscles and fortifies it stronger!

Themogenics (Fat burners)

Sounds attractive doesn't it? Thermogenics have been around for quite sometime and have been very much popular in bodybuilding.

After you gain those muscles, you would like to make them "look" more defined but not underneath a layer of fat. What would they do? Burn those fats with fat burners! However, thermogenics are dangerous because it messes with your heartbeat in order to make you sweat so you will burn extra calories. Sometimes it contains too much caffeine that it would make you drowsy or unable to sleep.

It's pricey and the end results are overrated but thermogenics definitely speeds up the progress of fat loss. Think wisely before buying.

Remember that bodybuilding is

60% Genetics
30% Dedication
10% Science

So if you're not planning to use any supplements you better pump up your dedication up to 40% if you want to account for the missing 10%.

Peace out!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Malaysia : Big changes ahead

Seems like the election results has gotten everyone heated up due to unforeseen results from voters. Thanks to that, we were supposed to lay low and preferably stay at home to avoid getting involved in riots. This year, BN didn't get 2/3 majority instead they lost a few precious states.

A change indeed, even in Selangor, a new Chief Minister have been elected. I guess the whole country must be celebrating Samy Vellu's resignation from his post - no more skyrocketing toll to pay!

Behold, the latest results on General Elections 2008

Barisan Nasional

N. Sembilan
Perak (Parliament only)

Opposition - DAP/PAS/Keadilan

Perak (State only)

When my father told me BN was getting screwed, I thought the opposition actually got the upper hand but from what I can see, this feels like a small achievement that everyone is overrating. (crap I sound like a BN supporter)

But still! Considering the situation our country is in right now, it's not about who is the better choice but instead, any party is definitely better than BN at this point.

I still take no sides and if I ever wanted to side anyone, I'll support the party that no one gives a crap just to make things a little more interesting.

Errr... Malaysia Boleh!

Peace out!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A shoutout to the Smoker's Union

Your parents, your doctor, the government, the mass media had always said the same thing about smoking. It's bad for health.

What kinds of chemical compounds do you find in a typical cigarette?

A single cigarette contains more than 4000 chemical compounds and at the very least, 400 toxic substances. Not only this, the toxins are amplified due to heat factor. When a smoker inhales a cigarette, the tip of the cigarette is about 700°C and around 60°C at the core.

How is it bad?

As far as I'm concerned, lung cancer is a rare form of cancer if no one in the world smoked. To put it in statistical terms, only 0.5% of people who never touch a cigarette would have gotten lung cancer. This is the reason why smoking is ALWAYS associated with lung cancer.

And you thought by smoking you only risk your lungs?

It's not always about the lungs, smoking drastically increases the risk of contracting various forms of cardiovascular disease. Smoking speeds up the hardening and narrowing process of your arteries increasing the chances of blood clots 2-4 times more likely.

One in ten moderate smokers and almost one in five heavy smokers (more than 15 cigarettes a day) will die of lung cancer.

Research reveals that each cigarette shortens a smoker's lifespan by 11 minutes on average.

Thinking about stopping?

It's about time because it takes about 15 years before the risk of lung cancer drops to the same as that of a non-smoker. For people who plans to study abroad, you'll need a full body checkup before they approve your student Visa. Looking at your own X-ray wouldn't be pleasant because it's considered normal for smokers to have lung scarrings. Think about your family when they see it.

Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by about 50%. Yes, impotence for males and for females, babies are twice as likely to be born prematurely when the mother is smoking during the pregnancy period.

Muscles tend to grow at a slower rate due to smoking. Muscles needs to regulate oxygen and carbon monoxide from cigarettes just takes away most of it decreasing blood regulation.

Still think smoking is cool? Think again. This time, think harder.

Peace out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Elections is on the 8th of March and I'm pretty sure everywhere around the country is having huge talks to influence the voters to side for them.

Just like what I saw yesterday.

"Harga Barang Naik"

It's certainly obvious which party came up with the catchy phrase. Last night, nearby where I live, there was a talk in between DAP and BN. I wasn't really interested but I happen to pass by so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see both parties arguing at each other.

As always there has to be something that goes "We are better, we bring development" kinda of ideology by the politicians.

There was this old man representing DAP that also says that BN is too powerful which is why they would abuse their power. So this thought just came into me, if DAP would have had BN's current power wouldn't they too abuse it? Aren't they all the same? Give them a little more authority and there goes your freedom.

I'm not into politics, never will. But it kinda sucks to see them keep talking but not walking. I can't vote and I wouldn't be voting for any sides even if I could. Who ever said the grass is greener on the other side?

"It's time for a change."
Sounds good doesn't it? There is no guarantee that the opposition will perform better if they happen to take over.

Whichever side wins, we lose.

Peace out!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vantage Point

As the movie title suggests, vantage means a point that is likely to provide superiority or advantage. This movie shows a variety of different point of views and perspectives of different people that are involved in an unfortunate incident that occurred in Spain.

The film takes place in Salamanca where the President of the United States was shot during an anti-terrorism campaign. The film loops back to the 20 minute period where the assassination took place with a different point of view from a different individual.

This movie feels as though we're given pieces of puzzles to put together a picture and eventually unfolding the truth. It was quite interesting considering the amount of perspectives the movie displays for the same incident.

However this movie was a little joke when I watched it. It's all because there were too many point of views that I had to go through and the movie loops back to the beginning every time an individual's part was done. What does that mean? It means you get to see the whole incident happening all over again! Not once, not twice, not thrice, probably more than 5 times.

There was a twist in the end though, not much of a twist but when the loop back stops, the movie finally starts to progress that's when the show gets really good because you even get to see what the bad guys are planning. The planning was magnificent and nearly flawless but what's a movie if the bad guy doesn't lose? Woops, spoiler I guess haha.

Overall I think this was a unique film compared to other movies I watched, definitely worth watching.

Peace out!