Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Elections is on the 8th of March and I'm pretty sure everywhere around the country is having huge talks to influence the voters to side for them.

Just like what I saw yesterday.

"Harga Barang Naik"

It's certainly obvious which party came up with the catchy phrase. Last night, nearby where I live, there was a talk in between DAP and BN. I wasn't really interested but I happen to pass by so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see both parties arguing at each other.

As always there has to be something that goes "We are better, we bring development" kinda of ideology by the politicians.

There was this old man representing DAP that also says that BN is too powerful which is why they would abuse their power. So this thought just came into me, if DAP would have had BN's current power wouldn't they too abuse it? Aren't they all the same? Give them a little more authority and there goes your freedom.

I'm not into politics, never will. But it kinda sucks to see them keep talking but not walking. I can't vote and I wouldn't be voting for any sides even if I could. Who ever said the grass is greener on the other side?

"It's time for a change."
Sounds good doesn't it? There is no guarantee that the opposition will perform better if they happen to take over.

Whichever side wins, we lose.

Peace out!

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soungtherong said...

actually no. BN is controlled by the government, so if BN wins then the government controls everything. thats why DAP is there in the first place. nobody knows if DAP is gonna do a good job, but whatever they do it'll be better. thats how bad it is. lol