Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bodybuilding - Supplement Facts

Supplements are crucial if you're into gaining mass and strength.

No, when I say supplements that could lead to more mass and strength gains it doesn't mean that I'm talking about steroids. Don't take the easy way out, your balls will suffer.

Creatine Monohydrate

Supplements are mostly naturally occurring chemicals that are harmless to the body. Creatine is a popular supplement for those who want to lift harder and heavier. You don't really need to buy the supplement because it can be found in red meat - beef.

So we can find it in red meat, why do I need the supplement anyway? Because the amount of creatine contained in the meat that you eat is too little. Half a pound of raw meat contains about 1g of creatine but from supplement you get at least 20g per serving. Unless you want to consume 16-18 steaks a day to get the same amount of creatine, get the damn supplement you idiot!

The only side effect you get from taking this supplement is that you can lift heavier and harder.

Protein powder

I guess no one's a stranger to protein. Definitely crucial to your workouts, but how? Muscle tears down (microscopic breakdowns) whenever you lift weights and eventually you will feel that soreness because of your damaged muscles. Protein repairs damaged muscle tissues and reinforces it so that the next time your muscles take the same shock, it'll be able to withstand it in other words - grow stronger.

Why take the supplement? You can't get enough protein from your daily meals. How much protein you need when you're working out? Typically 1 - 1.2 gram of protein per kilogram of your bodyweight would be ideal. Protein helps increase the rate of repair for your muscles and fortifies it stronger!

Themogenics (Fat burners)

Sounds attractive doesn't it? Thermogenics have been around for quite sometime and have been very much popular in bodybuilding.

After you gain those muscles, you would like to make them "look" more defined but not underneath a layer of fat. What would they do? Burn those fats with fat burners! However, thermogenics are dangerous because it messes with your heartbeat in order to make you sweat so you will burn extra calories. Sometimes it contains too much caffeine that it would make you drowsy or unable to sleep.

It's pricey and the end results are overrated but thermogenics definitely speeds up the progress of fat loss. Think wisely before buying.

Remember that bodybuilding is

60% Genetics
30% Dedication
10% Science

So if you're not planning to use any supplements you better pump up your dedication up to 40% if you want to account for the missing 10%.

Peace out!

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