Sunday, March 9, 2008

Malaysia : Big changes ahead

Seems like the election results has gotten everyone heated up due to unforeseen results from voters. Thanks to that, we were supposed to lay low and preferably stay at home to avoid getting involved in riots. This year, BN didn't get 2/3 majority instead they lost a few precious states.

A change indeed, even in Selangor, a new Chief Minister have been elected. I guess the whole country must be celebrating Samy Vellu's resignation from his post - no more skyrocketing toll to pay!

Behold, the latest results on General Elections 2008

Barisan Nasional

N. Sembilan
Perak (Parliament only)

Opposition - DAP/PAS/Keadilan

Perak (State only)

When my father told me BN was getting screwed, I thought the opposition actually got the upper hand but from what I can see, this feels like a small achievement that everyone is overrating. (crap I sound like a BN supporter)

But still! Considering the situation our country is in right now, it's not about who is the better choice but instead, any party is definitely better than BN at this point.

I still take no sides and if I ever wanted to side anyone, I'll support the party that no one gives a crap just to make things a little more interesting.

Errr... Malaysia Boleh!

Peace out!

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