Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Because I can.

Looking to hire a driver?

I'm a face you'll never miss when you're in class.


I'm such a thick skinned motherfucker.

Peace out! =)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I was searching for sources for premarital sex in teenagers and I happen to come across this bullshit website which is pretty much fucked up... and entertaining.. and fucked up.

Answer by FAG Submitted on 8/29/2005

Hi. I have sex with my dad every night, and he hasn't had his period for a while (he used to be a woman) so can he get pregnant if he's undergoing hormone therapy?

Answer by Doug Funny Submitted on 8/29/2005

If you have anal sex, be prepared to hear these words: Da Doy Daught Da Dasket Ball

Answer by LUE is teh KEWL Submitted on 8/29/2005

Answer by http://www.BabyNames.com Submitted on 8/30/2005
You'll be needing this.


Answer by PenguinPedo Submitted on 8/31/2005
Having testicals increases your chances of getting a girl pregnant, to help prevent unwanted pregnancies please punch yourself rapidly in the testicals before sex.

Answer by angelhug Submitted on 8/31/2005
Hay i wuz just wunderin like can u get pregnant if ur bf jacks off in a shotof whiskey n pours it in ur cooter or i give him head n then eat sumthin n lick my fingurz n finger myself? i rly need 2 kno cuz i liek havnt ever had a period n im geting nervous and i like cake n my mom told me if i get pregnant i cant have any cake?Thanx luv u all

Answer by nappy d Submitted on 8/31/2005
hey meh gf and me had had the bset sexxor evar. but last nghit she told me shes a lsebain. we have unprottekted sex... can she get pegnant even fi shes a lsebain?

Answer by VGD Submitted on 9/2/2005
You guys are all retarded.

Answer by Bored. Submitted on 8/30/2005
How stupid are you people get an education, take sex ed and stay in school.

I swear I was mesmerized by these sheer amount of stupidity. Especially the joker who posted she likes cake and if she got pregnant her mom wont give her any cake ever LOL.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

I do not comprehend

Warning : Long ass post

You know the times where you're just bored out of your own mind and porn just isn't as entertaining as it should have been. You'd search through the whole contact list in your MSN messenger to look for the perfect victim for one of your mischiefs.

Thats what I did and behold, The Chronicles of Jan Yong : The Verb, The Grammar and the Dumbass.

Victim : Suezan
Age : 19
Bimbometer : [ | | | | | | | ] - 80%
Codename : Waterfish ( 水 魚 : shui yi)


It starts with...

♪ sυεzαи. says:
why i never hear you speaking in chinese

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
coz my chinese sux

♪ sυεzαи. says:
i think so too

♪ sυεzαи. says:

♪ sυεzαи. says:
like a banana boy only

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
then wad

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
like u ah

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
chinabeng only

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
speak england so lousy

♪ sυεzαи. says:
lousy meh

♪ sυεzαи. says:
you sux lah. say i chinabeng

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
i suck

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
not i sux

♪ sυεzαи. says:
what's the differnt between i suck and i sux.

One thing, I don't know why..

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
it'll be

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
you suck

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
or suezan sucks

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
not you sucks

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
and suezan suck

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
understand or not

I doesn't even matter how hard you try...

♪ sυεzαи. says:
OMG i said you sux lah. since when i used the S

♪ sυεzαи. says:
where got s you tell me lah. open your eye wider

♪ sυεzαи. says:
do you need another pair of spec

♪ sυεzαи. says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:

♪ sυεzαи. says:
you say only what

♪ sυεzαи. says:
my sux is equal to SUCK without the S

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
u made ur own language somemore

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
so sorry i couldnt understand YOUR language

♪ sυεzαи. says:
sux is pronounce at suck wihout S

♪ sυεzαи. says:
is international language lah

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
sorry sorry i'm wrong

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
you're right

♪ sυεzαи. says:
talking to your make me IQ goes lower HAHA

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
sorry la i stupid mar... i didnt know that language so hard to understand

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
lucky you teach me or else ppl sure laugh at me

♪ sυεzαи. says:
i want to ask are you just been sarcastic or what

<.Jan-Yong.> said : "I'm sane, its the world that's crazy!" says:
i might be


In the end, I couldn't comprehend. I'm still pretty shocked actually. Thought it might be fun to share it with you guys, no?

Peace out! =)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fuel prices hikes again!


Effective from Wednesday midnight.

How much?

A whopping 78 cents which totals to a whopping RM2.70 per liter and an ugly RM2.58 for diesel.

I'm sure this is a major issue for every Malaysian as this increase in petrol prices is the biggest margin we have ever had. Inflation is inevitable for this time's increase in petrol prices. What's gonna happen to us? Well, expect your regular bowl of pan mee to downsize in portion topped with an increase in price.

Someone said that petrol prices wouldn't soar until September. I'm quite sure everyone knows that old man.

Likewise, this is the time to use my Economics lecturer's ideology in which he has always been obsessed with ever since i took Economics in ICPU.

Mr.Moaz : "The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations...The government should invest in public transportations..."

Right! Thank you Mr.Moaz, we are heavily affected by the increase in petrol prices mainly because most Malaysians owns a car rather than using public transportations. More money spent on fuel means a tighter budget, a tighter budget means a need for higher wages which is really the last thing you'd get from your boss.

And it doesn't seem that Malaysia has any excess money to spend on public transportations. Thanks to subsidizing our petrol and making it almost the cheapest in the world, we have nothing left to improve our infrastructure. Subsidizing to keep the petrol prices low for Malaysians was a good idea, but we're being taken advantage of.


Our neighboring countries, Thailand and Singapore.

But how?!

Who wouldn't drive over the border and pump our cheap petrol? Sure we had some weird policy which goes foreigners within 10km from the border are not to be allowed to pump Malaysian petrol. But hey, are the petrol station's employees going to stop a customer from committing an act of purchase? I don't think so, or at least the person with the right track of mind wouldn't stop a customer from being.... a customer.

Some ideas I've gathered to that people can live with the heightened petrol prices.

1. Drive at your car's optimum speed.

2. Use the public transportations and get ready to smell some armpits or backsides if you're short.

3. Eat less so you can pump more.

4. Change your fuel consumption to a hybrid that uses gas as the price remains intact.

5. Ride a bicycle and run on your own natural fuel which you don't need.

6. Make use of your friends as means of transportations.

7. Lose some weight as more weight means more fuel to get your ass moving, fatso.

I witnessed jokers trying to save money before the fuel price increases at midnight. So all the cars would queue up to get the cheap prices before it increases.

I was innocent, I had 1/2 tank left so I didn't need to pump, I just needed burgers for my empty stomach. Turns out I was able to leave home and not come back until after midnight thanks to those jokers that are trying to save money.

Monday, June 2, 2008


What is life?

What does it mean to be alive?

Does it mean to breathe? To exist? To survive?

Sometimes I wonder if we were brought into this world for a purpose.

If we hadn't, then why are we a part of this world?

Why do we strive to continue living on, knowing that obstacles are being thrown at us everyday?

Are we living for the sake of others, or for the sake of ourselves?

Or is it just for the sake of survival?

The moment we start living, we start dying.

Why struggle to cling on to life?

When we know that it will all be over one day?

Is it for the enjoyable memories that we shared that gets us through everyday?

Or the smiles of the close ones that we live by.

Why is life so uncertain?

Yet death is only certain thing in life.

To me,

Life is but a mere sensation.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rundle Mall and the Northern Lights

For two consecutive days we went sightseeing and to tell you the truth, everyone was quite tired because theres too much to do and too little time.

So how do we continue to enjoy our stay in Adelaide?

Today we're supposed to take things easier and chill a little so I thought it might be nice to visit the universities in Adelaide to get a feel of how the studying environment feels like.

Sis and mom at the entrance to the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Only managed to visit two universities though which is the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide.

One of my choices I guess.

The Art Gallery of South Australia.

The universities were designed in a truly artistic way. Sometimes when I look back at my college and compare it with the universities in Australia in terms of design I felt as though my college looks like a block of cheese.

University of Adelaide - Graduation Hall.

Out of coincidence my sister met one of her close friends when they were studying. That fellar looks like a pretty boy... poor thing. Haha.

Pretty boy - Pick Juan

Trying to be sneaky?


University of South Australia.

I really suck at taking photos of the sceneries.. haha.

Thank god my sister is worst than me.

One of the coolest things I saw in Adelaide was the Northern Lights. No, this is not some Aurora North/South polar lights that can be observed in Alaska. During a certain festival, special projectors are deployed to give custom colors to the buildings at night. So in the daylight the building would look like what it used to be where as after the sun falls, the building would look very much different.

Northern Lights Festival!

Whoop! Changed color?!

I'm bad with words, I can't describe things well so let me use pictures instead since they're worth a thousand words.

Haunted house.

Weird ass color.

And this is how it originally looks like.

So after visiting the universities I got dragged along by my mom and my sister to go shopping. Once again shopping is not my sport, I don't have stamina for it. I'm a typical guy, if I ever need a pair of jeans or a t-shirt I would buy it and then walk out from the mall.

Smile! =)

If shopping was ever in the Olympics, it's gonna be a sport that puts even the gold medalist with the highest stamina to shame. Yes, it's that bad.

Why are there pigs everywhere around the mall??

Couldn't take much photos because I was the luggage carrier for the day.

I said to my mom "Eh, you think the stuff you two buy very light ah? I didn't come to Australia to do this!"

She replied "What makes you think I asked you to come Australia? I needed someone to carry my stuff."

Inside I was crying but thankfully I'm no good for nothing... at least. Fuck! =(


Starbucks here pretty much sucks, other coffee cafes totally dominated it. So yeah, the "Starbucks" here is Cibo. Pronounced as "Shee-bou". Kinda cool I guess.

Since we're cooking at home, might as well shop for some groceries in the supermarket.

Lookie what I found!

Wonder if mom fed me any of "these".

When I was looking at the meat section, I thought I saw.... RED MAGGI MEE?!


Guess not, but still yucky.

Then I guess we were done for the day. We were walking and I can't help to notice that some of the pavements have some weird ass dots on it. So being Detective Wong, I decided to investigate.


Turns out that people stuck coins onto it when the cement hasn't harden up yet. No idea what they did but it didn't look too bad.


How ya doin mite? =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barossa Valley, Jacob's Creek & Wolf Blass

March 30th

Well the day before was an exhausting day, me and my mom didn't had any time to rest or sleep before we headed to Victor Habour and worst of all, I didn't sleep a single hour ever since I landed in Australia.

God bless the bed for 6 hours.

After being briefed by Adrian of what we're going to do I was rather excited because the word "wine" was used and even better, the word "wine" and "tasting" were in the same phrase!

But before we pay a visit to the winery, we will be headed towards another tourism spot which is the Whispering Walls. It's a reservoir with a unique characteristic, it's called Whispering Walls for a reason. Don't worry, you'll know why soon enough.

Barossa Valley

As usual the journey is long and once again I fell asleep in the car due to the shitty speed limit. Problem is, police are dressed in plain clothes and they tend to use casual cars which means you won't know who's watching.... creepy.

So if you get caught speeding like umm... 50 but you're going 60 (yeah thats speeding, my goodness the word "speeding" seems so strong for such a low limit) Thats a ticket that costs you 200 $AUD. Not scary enough? Every day that you refuse to pay your ticket, it just accumulates higher and higher. Now would you still want to "speed"?


The weather today was rather cloudy but cold with a few shower that lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

Raining soon...

Adrian decided to use his feelings to guide his way to Whispering Walls instead of listening to the GPS because he suspects it's leading us to some other place.

Thanks Adrian, you got us to some other reservoir.

Finally we reached the Whispering Walls.

Sounds like some kotex brand.

It was pretty cold, just like the day before.

Karen and Adeline camwhoring.

Adeline and my sister camwhoring.

The unique thing about the Whispering Walls is that it's built in a way where if a person speaks at one end of the reservoir, the person at the other end could hear it perfectly. Exactly like a whisper. Cool huh? It's kinda scary too to hear the wall speaking to you of all sudden.

Thankfully I thought about my blog so I took a few snapshots so you guys who've haven't been there could have an idea how it looks like.

So you whisper to the walls from this end.

And the jokers at the other end can hear what you said. Nifty huh?

My sister and Adrian.

Sis, mom, son.

Bro and Sis.

Lone ranger.

Next stop?

Jacob's Creek


Happy me and stoner mom.


I've got a feeling I'm gonna love this place.


It's not packed but we've gotta wait for our turns to taste some wine.

Finally I get to taste some wine! Not like I know how to taste wine but at least it's something different from the usual hard liquor Chi Khan feeds me.

Since I don't know nuts about wine, I just bought the wine that tastes sweet which is the the desert wine.

Wolf Blass

Eagle Adrian.

Bonding session between me and my sis.


Rack 'o goods.

Debating which wine is the best.