Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barossa Valley, Jacob's Creek & Wolf Blass

March 30th

Well the day before was an exhausting day, me and my mom didn't had any time to rest or sleep before we headed to Victor Habour and worst of all, I didn't sleep a single hour ever since I landed in Australia.

God bless the bed for 6 hours.

After being briefed by Adrian of what we're going to do I was rather excited because the word "wine" was used and even better, the word "wine" and "tasting" were in the same phrase!

But before we pay a visit to the winery, we will be headed towards another tourism spot which is the Whispering Walls. It's a reservoir with a unique characteristic, it's called Whispering Walls for a reason. Don't worry, you'll know why soon enough.

Barossa Valley

As usual the journey is long and once again I fell asleep in the car due to the shitty speed limit. Problem is, police are dressed in plain clothes and they tend to use casual cars which means you won't know who's watching.... creepy.

So if you get caught speeding like umm... 50 but you're going 60 (yeah thats speeding, my goodness the word "speeding" seems so strong for such a low limit) Thats a ticket that costs you 200 $AUD. Not scary enough? Every day that you refuse to pay your ticket, it just accumulates higher and higher. Now would you still want to "speed"?


The weather today was rather cloudy but cold with a few shower that lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

Raining soon...

Adrian decided to use his feelings to guide his way to Whispering Walls instead of listening to the GPS because he suspects it's leading us to some other place.

Thanks Adrian, you got us to some other reservoir.

Finally we reached the Whispering Walls.

Sounds like some kotex brand.

It was pretty cold, just like the day before.

Karen and Adeline camwhoring.

Adeline and my sister camwhoring.

The unique thing about the Whispering Walls is that it's built in a way where if a person speaks at one end of the reservoir, the person at the other end could hear it perfectly. Exactly like a whisper. Cool huh? It's kinda scary too to hear the wall speaking to you of all sudden.

Thankfully I thought about my blog so I took a few snapshots so you guys who've haven't been there could have an idea how it looks like.

So you whisper to the walls from this end.

And the jokers at the other end can hear what you said. Nifty huh?

My sister and Adrian.

Sis, mom, son.

Bro and Sis.

Lone ranger.

Next stop?

Jacob's Creek


Happy me and stoner mom.


I've got a feeling I'm gonna love this place.


It's not packed but we've gotta wait for our turns to taste some wine.

Finally I get to taste some wine! Not like I know how to taste wine but at least it's something different from the usual hard liquor Chi Khan feeds me.

Since I don't know nuts about wine, I just bought the wine that tastes sweet which is the the desert wine.

Wolf Blass

Eagle Adrian.

Bonding session between me and my sis.


Rack 'o goods.

Debating which wine is the best.


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