Monday, April 7, 2008

Aussie Trip! - Victor Harbour

Lets turn back time to the past 9 days.


Cause I was in Australia.


Cause I wanted to attend my sister's convocation ceremony.


South Australia - Adelaide.


University of South Australia.



Let the journal begin...

28th March, 6.00 p.m.

All luggage packed and was ready to leave the house anytime to check in.

9.00 p.m

Boarded the plane and departed.

The flight would take 7 hours and an additional 2 and the half hours due to Australia being 2 and the half hours ahead of our time. So the time for arrival at Australia would be approximately 7 a.m.

I couldn't sleep on the plane because I was too excited to be able to meet up with my sister that I missed quite terribly.


I kept disturbing the air stewardess to give me wine so I can sleep. Too bad the wine taste like crap and I stopped like after 5 cups but I ain't getting nowhere near to sleep. I was forced to watch shitty movies including cartoons - Kim Possible but it ain't so bad after all.

Shitty food.

At 7 a.m me and my mom arrived at the airport and my sister's boyfriend was supposed to pick us up. The weather was superb, cold like Genting, probably colder just the way I like it.

And... look what I found in the toilet!

Pretty cheap, if you don't convert it into Malaysian Ringgit.

My sister had work until 5 p.m so me and my mom had to chill out at her house together with her house mates during lunch.

When my sister came back from work and we headed to Victor Harbour to enjoy our first sightseeing.

Victor Harbour

Since nobody remembers how to go there, we took out our trusty GPS to guide our lost souls to our destination.

It wasn't exactly far from where my sister stays but due to the speed limit, the journey seemed so much longer considering the cap was 60 km/h on normal streets, 50 km/h in the city and 80-110 km/h on highways.

With my inherited fast paced Malaysian mentality on the roads, I dozed off after 10 minutes of the journey.

Adrian, me and my mom.

Finally we arrived and the weather is freezing cold but everyone is ready to see Australian Penguins! These cute little buggers are said to be the smallest penguins in the world, I say screw it and lets go penguin hunting!

Cute signboard.

The tour guide was pretty nice and treated everyone very nicely and thankfully her Australian accent wasn't heavy and everyone could hear clearly everything she was trying to tell us.


Heading towards the other island in the cold ass weather with the wind blowing strongly continuously from both sides... brrrrrrrr

Adeline and Soo Ann - my sister.

The scenery was amazing, absolutely amazing.


Me and my sister.

Whats wrong with eating ice-cream in a cold ass weather?!

Sadly, I couldn't get any pictures of those midget penguins because they only come out at night. I tried my best but I just don't have enough skills to get those buggers in the camera. Yeah I suck, but thats great.

Good die mite! =)

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