Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rundle Mall and the Northern Lights

For two consecutive days we went sightseeing and to tell you the truth, everyone was quite tired because theres too much to do and too little time.

So how do we continue to enjoy our stay in Adelaide?

Today we're supposed to take things easier and chill a little so I thought it might be nice to visit the universities in Adelaide to get a feel of how the studying environment feels like.

Sis and mom at the entrance to the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Only managed to visit two universities though which is the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide.

One of my choices I guess.

The Art Gallery of South Australia.

The universities were designed in a truly artistic way. Sometimes when I look back at my college and compare it with the universities in Australia in terms of design I felt as though my college looks like a block of cheese.

University of Adelaide - Graduation Hall.

Out of coincidence my sister met one of her close friends when they were studying. That fellar looks like a pretty boy... poor thing. Haha.

Pretty boy - Pick Juan

Trying to be sneaky?


University of South Australia.

I really suck at taking photos of the sceneries.. haha.

Thank god my sister is worst than me.

One of the coolest things I saw in Adelaide was the Northern Lights. No, this is not some Aurora North/South polar lights that can be observed in Alaska. During a certain festival, special projectors are deployed to give custom colors to the buildings at night. So in the daylight the building would look like what it used to be where as after the sun falls, the building would look very much different.

Northern Lights Festival!

Whoop! Changed color?!

I'm bad with words, I can't describe things well so let me use pictures instead since they're worth a thousand words.

Haunted house.

Weird ass color.

And this is how it originally looks like.

So after visiting the universities I got dragged along by my mom and my sister to go shopping. Once again shopping is not my sport, I don't have stamina for it. I'm a typical guy, if I ever need a pair of jeans or a t-shirt I would buy it and then walk out from the mall.

Smile! =)

If shopping was ever in the Olympics, it's gonna be a sport that puts even the gold medalist with the highest stamina to shame. Yes, it's that bad.

Why are there pigs everywhere around the mall??

Couldn't take much photos because I was the luggage carrier for the day.

I said to my mom "Eh, you think the stuff you two buy very light ah? I didn't come to Australia to do this!"

She replied "What makes you think I asked you to come Australia? I needed someone to carry my stuff."

Inside I was crying but thankfully I'm no good for nothing... at least. Fuck! =(


Starbucks here pretty much sucks, other coffee cafes totally dominated it. So yeah, the "Starbucks" here is Cibo. Pronounced as "Shee-bou". Kinda cool I guess.

Since we're cooking at home, might as well shop for some groceries in the supermarket.

Lookie what I found!

Wonder if mom fed me any of "these".

When I was looking at the meat section, I thought I saw.... RED MAGGI MEE?!


Guess not, but still yucky.

Then I guess we were done for the day. We were walking and I can't help to notice that some of the pavements have some weird ass dots on it. So being Detective Wong, I decided to investigate.


Turns out that people stuck coins onto it when the cement hasn't harden up yet. No idea what they did but it didn't look too bad.


How ya doin mite? =)

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