Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little Genting

Last Saturday, a fine Saturday where I suddenly received an sms from Ming saying

"Let's go to a 5 star mamak to yamcha opposite Nikko Hotel only"

Then I was like "WTF? Go KL just for a miserable mamak considered 5 star?! Crazy!"

I immediately replied no way but due to unforeseen circumstances I found myself outside Ming's house fagging with Chi Khan getting ready to leave to KL.

I had nothing to do that night anyway so screw it might as well hangout with those jackasses.

Fairly nice shot I guess...

The funniest part was when Mei Wan heard that we're going KL, she thought we were going clubbing! HAHAHAHA! So she came with a pretty dress plus she was fully equipped to attack the clubs!

Jan Yong : "Mei Wan where you came from? Wear so nice wan?"
Mei Wan : "Hah? What're talking about? You wear liddat how to go dancing?"
Jan Yong : "Dance cock meh?! We going mamak lah"
Mei Wan : "HAH?!"

Too bad when she found out we were going to some Mamak she felt incredibly and demands for someone to send her back home so she can change her outfit.

I don't know who came up with some kind of 5 star mamak but the moment I sat down I dun feel 5-star'ish nor the people around me felt it to. To put it in simple terms, it's just like an average mamak stall, no difference it just has more fans and a mannequin and that's all to it.

Shitty mamak!

Mamak session was shitty though cause I had no money to eat and I ran out of fags thank god my supplier was with me. It was boring boring boring boring until a ray of hope shone down on me when Ming said "EH LETS GO TO LITTLE GENTING!".

I was in awe, I don't know whats that but I sure would like to ditch the mamak. And so there were alot of windy and dark roads with no street lamps while we're going up the hill. (Why didn't I drove my genting taxi up? It'll be my home turf!)

Camwhorers in the car


Finally we arrived at destination - Little Genting. The air was cooling but not as cold as Genting, wasn't as misty as Genting and it's nothing compared to Genting but hey, it was a place worthwhile to go during that night and a night view of the entire Kuala Lumpur to die for.

KL Night view

On top of the tower

The hills were steep as hell though and there were a lot of "chilling spots" up there. We climbed the tower to get a better view of KL and took some pictures while we're at it too.

Still on top of the tower

Couldn't remember what we were talking about

Little girl has gone past her bedtime

Poser again

So sorry to say that the picture quality was a little "uncontrolled" because the camera man was a jackass =P. I'll try to get nicer pictures next time.

Peace out!

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